YOWhatsApp apk Update 19.00.0 latest version Official Anti-Ban

YOWhatsApp apk 2022 Download
  • Name: YO WhatsApp apk
  • version: 19.00
  • apk size: 53 MB
  • Developer: Heymods
  • Last Update: 09 January 2022
  • Google Play: YOwhatsApp apk

YOWhatsApp 2022 (YoWA)

The official WhatsApp messenger is the top leading instant messaging app now owned by Meta newly named from Facebook, wth millions active users around the world. It is very simple to use on all devices, no very much requirement to join whatsapp, you only need your active phone number to receive your WhatsApp verification code and then you are a user on the official WhatsApp.

Developers tend to modify WhatsApp messenger apk to make more new version based on the official one with more features that you may not find them in the WhatsApp messenger official release, YO whatsApp latest version 19.00.0 apk is the most used whatsapp md apk this year 2022, and also there are many more mod versions out there, WhatsApp Plus 19.00.0 with more added features

You can download yo whatsapp apk 19.00.0 latest version 2022 update from this website and only here because you can not download YOwhatsApp 2022 update from Google Play Store, it is not found there. All whatsapp messenger features are included in this latest YowhatsApp 2022 update version with additional added functions and most needed features that are found on the official WhatsApp messenger.

Gb WhatsApp update apk DownloadGBWhatsApp [Update] 2022 apk latest version 19.00.0 Official Anti-Ban

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YOWhatsApp apk 19.00.0 Update YOWhatsApp 2022 apk Update YOWhatsApp update apk Download YOWhatsApp download latest version YOWhatsApp 19.00.0 download apk YO WhatsApp 2022 apk 19.00.0 YO WhatsApp apk 19.00 Download
app NameYOWhatsApp apk 2022
apk version19.00.0
apk Download53 MB
apk packagecom.yowhatsapp
Android OS4.0 +
Update Statuslatest update
last update09 January 2022
PriceFree Download
Google Playnot available

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YOWhatsApp 19.00.0 apk new 2022 version features

Yo whatsapp apk 19.00.0 update latest version 2022 released this month on whatsapp messenger officisl base you can hide your status and last beside yhe existed features, Anti Ban feature now you will not get your whatsapp account phone number banned on whatsapp with this feature as some users complained that their whatsapp mobile is banned because they used a modified whatsapp apk version

Here you can view more YOwhatsApp 2022 update features:
  • You choose who can call you on YOwhatsapp new update.
  • You can hide the visibility of your status
  • You can disable recording and writing status, no one can see that.
  • You can hide the blue checks which indicate that a message has been received on the other side.
  • New text fonts added, now you can change yowhatsapp fon size type.
  • New Android Oreo emojis added and customized on this latest yo whatsapp 2022 update.
  • Send any file, APK, ZIP, PDF etc.
  • Yowhatsapp User interface is more customized for better experience with smoother lines.
  • You can send files with more than 700 MB in size.
  • Performance improved very much and made it work faster than the official WhatsApp messenger.
  • With Extra privacy functions, you have Special locking mode with PIN code, patterns or fingerprint

What are differences between YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp plus?

There are much differences between both versions, YOWhatsApp apk and WhatsApp plus apk because all of them are official whatsapp messenger modified version by the same developer Heymods but they may have a miner differences from the official whatsapp in settings and preferences beside the Special locking mode on both new Yo whatsapp apk 2022 update and the latest whatsapp plus mod apk

Most users consider YOwhatsapp to be better than other whatsapp mod apk published by developers, AZwhatsapp, OGwhatsApp, FMwhatsapp and so on. Whe download YOwhatsapp 2022 apk update version and install it on your Android device and see all the features in this mod, you will stick on it and abandon any whatsapp app.

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How to install YOwhatsApp 19.00.0 apk latest version 2022 update

This whatsapp mod version, (YOWA) YO whatsapp 19.00.0 will conflicts with any already installed whatsapp app on your android device and yo will see this message (YOwhatsapp not installed) when you have another whatsapp app installed and running on your mobile which make you able to have a multiple whatsApp accounts on one single device with different phone number running at the same time.

If this is your first time to install this app, follow this steps:

  • Download YOwhatsApp-v19.00.0-update.apk file from below
  • When YOwhatsApp-v19.00.0-update.apk download finished, click to install
  • If prompt for permission, Unknown Source Installation, give it and proceed
  • wait a few seconds while YOwhatsApp-v19.00.0-update.apk file being installed on your device.
  • When setup is completed, click start to launch YOwhatsApp app
  • provide your phone number, confirm it OK to get whatsapp verification code message
  • verify your phone then add your name.
  • You are ready to muse YOwhatsApp on your Android device with full features

If this is not your first time to install YOwhatsapp app, follow this steps:

  • Download YOwhatsApp-v19.00.0-update.apk file
  • Wait file to be fully downloaded
  • Click to install
  • Wait a few seconds to let installation process completed
  • when finished, click to start the app
  • Now you have full YOwhatsApp 2022 update on your device and ready for use

If you have another different whatsapp version and you want to use YOwhatsApp instead, follow this steps:

  • Download new YOwhatsApp-v19.00.0-update.apk file
  • Make sure it is fully Downloaded on your device
  • Do not Install YOwhatsApp apk
  • Go to the other whatsapp version that you want to substitute with YOwhatsApp app
  • open the app and make chat Backups (this step to keep all your conversation)
  • Uninstall this version og whatsapp app
  • Go to SDcard/Android/WhatsApp rename WhatsApp folder to YOwhatsApp
  • Install YOwhatsApp apk you have already Downloaded before
  • Wait a few seconds while YOwhatsApp is being installed
  • After YOwhatsApp installation completed, click to launch the app
  • Provide yor phone number which you used on the whatsapp app that you have just uninstalled from your device
  • Confirm it is correct
  • Get the verification code and verify your ownership
  • Restore your previous messages from backups Do not Skip this
  • Your all Conversions will restored
  • Completed the process and enjoy YOwhatsApp 2022 update on your Android

YOWhatsApp apk 2021 old version

  • YOWhatsApp 18.70.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 18.60.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 18.50.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 18.40.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 17.80.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 17.70.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 17.60.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 17.50.0 apk
  • YOWhatsApp 17.40.0 apk

YOWhatsApp apk Download latest version 2022 update

YOWhatsApp apk 2022 latest version update supports all Android devices running on OS 4.3 and higher, always download YOWhatsApp apk latest version and make this app is up to date and you want to uninstall it from your device first make a backups for all your messages in order not to lose any conversations.

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