Download Xposed Installer to activate ehi opener

Download Xposed Installer to activate ehi opener xposed installer apk android mod apk new version: 3.1.5
Apk size: 42.0 kb
last update: Recent
Apk tag: ehiopener
Developer: n/a

Xposed installer for activating ehi opener and other xposed modules

Xposed installer application is a popular application for rooted devices. Some pre rooted devices comes with this xposed installer already installed or comes as a build in app but some other devices that didn't already come as rooted devices require this app to run xposed module applications such as wanam xposed module, ehi opener, ktr opener, youtube adaway and so on.

some users who use http injector the may need to unlock ehi files with ehi opener that comes as xposed module and needs to be activated on xposed installer

Also If you want run xposed module applications on your smartphone to customize it to suit your needs and your phone didn't come already rooted you can use kingroot app to get root access on your device so then you can after installing xposed installer on your phone you can activate any xposed module apps such as ehi opener which used to unlock http injector config files

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app Name:xposed framework
version:3.1.5 MB
apk size:2.96 MB
apk file:xposed-installer-3-1-5.apk
last updated: July - 2021
supported OS: Android 4.4
App Price:free Download
Developer: rovo89

How to install xposed installer framework?

To install exposed modules on your android device you need to have xposed installer framework to be already installed.
xposed installer framework can be installed as normal apk installation.
Download xposed-installer-v3.1.5.apk from below
when your download finished, satrt the app and go ahead to Framework section
on prompt for root access, git it the permission - this means that you must have root access on your device
install the framework and reboot your device
now you can check which exposed module you want to activate on the modules menu

Download apk files

  • xposed installer apk
  • kingroot apk
  • Root checker apk

xposed installer latest version 2021

Download xposed Installer apk 3.1.5