Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game 500073 MOD apk

Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game 500073 MOD apk Sniper Strike mod apk sniper mod apk Name: Sniper Strike FPS 3D
mod size: 126 MB
MOD version: 500067
Device support: 5.0 +
last updated: April - 2021

Sniper Strike 3D shooting Game 500073 update

Download Last Sniper Strike special Ops FPS 3D Shooting Game online game for android. Sniper Strike Special Ops is an action Game with high graphics nearly similar to desktop graphics even you ill not distinguish between them play and enjoy this android game and it is free of charge.

This game is for android players with the main theme of snipers who dive into various missions. Not just sniper weapons, in Sniper Strike: Special Ops you will also play a variety of special forces that use Shotgun, Machine-Gun and many others.

Scout through immersive environments, engage in rapid fire combat and build the ultimate super-soldier as you customize their state of the art gear. Team up with Wolf, Jackson and the rest of Strike Force as you target hostiles and take down the evil organization, Poseidon.

Wipe out Elite Commanders and their henchmen with satisfying Kill !
Buddy up with allies to cover Delta Team and rescue hostages.!
Seek out rivals and challenge them to LIVE sniper duels!!
Join forces with Clan friends to smash missions, and prepare for the ultimate showdown with the head of Poseidon, Roth.!
The more you win, the better you play – upgrade and engage in harder, faster challenges that will send you flying up the leader-board!

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app Name:Sniper Strike – FPS 3D
apk size:a47 MB
mod apk:125 MB
obb + apk:N/A
Game version:500073
last updated: April, 2021
supported Android: 5.0 +
Game Price:free offline game
Developer: Mobile Gaming Studios

what is new on sniper strike 500073 update

  • Attention, Soldier! Awesome new content incoming
  • New Campaign Zone and PvP map - LUXOR!
  • 4 X New Campaign Weapons
  • New Campaign Zone - PARIS
  • The Elite Order are planning a high profile attack on Paris.
  • Rendezvous with the local defence force and drive them out
  • New PvP Map: Airport
  • Final set of Campaign Zone 8 Missions
  • Valentines Event
  • New clan recruitment system
  • PvP mode improvements

sniper strike Mod version 500067 top features

Unlimited Ammo
Replace the charger in series with many weapons in the game.

Download Sniper strike OPS shooting Game

Here is the latest update 2021 sniper strike fps 3d shooting game mod apk for android devices running in all OS architectures.

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