Ehi opener apk unlock HTTP Injector ehi config files

Ehi opener apk unlock HTTP Injector ehi config files ehi opener apk android mod apk new version: 0.4.8
Apk size: 42.0 kb
last update: Recent
Apk tag: ehiopener
Developer: n/a

To start unlock any ehi file or any http injector config files and get all information that you you want (payload, remote proxy, ssh tunneling server and so on) to use these information to create your own ehi file and use it on http injector app without depending on other people to provide you with configs you need to download these files below on your device and be installed.

note: You need latest ehi opener to open your http injector config files that created and locked

ehi opener apk

How to unlock http injector config files with ehi opener

After you download these files on your smartphone and installing them, these two apps, king root and root checker you can use them to root your device if you don't have root access on your phone because if you don't have root access you may can't unlock or open your ehi file or your http injector config.

Do not try to open http injector app because first it will not open and second you will get a message saying or prompting uninstalling ehi opener apk so, go ahead and open xposed installer and install the frameware then press on module and activate ehi opener just tick it, reboot your device.

Steps to use ehi opener i summary

To get all ehi info such as payload remote proxy , etc... etc.. First you should have EHI Opener file size (41.19 KB> download it now. Also you need to download and Install Xposed installer application on your device to activate ehi opener which comes as xposed module.

1- Install Ehi opener or Unlocker APP.
2- install xposed intaller app.
3- activate ehi opener.
4- reboot.
5- import your file.
6- press on start for a few seconds.

Now go to your desired file and import it to http injector and press on START button for three seconds,, a pop-up window with info will show up just copy ehi config details to your clipboard

Download ehi opener apk + http injector

Download ehi opener apk Download http injector apk Download xposed installer apk Download kingroot apk Download root checker apk