Disorder android game v1.3 + mod apk latest update

Disorder android game v1.3 + mod apk latest update Download Disorder apk android mod apk apk Name: Android Disorder Game
version: v1.3 apk
apk size: 76 MB
Android: 4.3 and higher
Developer: NetEase Games

Disorder is realistic online android action game based on squad team game similar to Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game and call of duty. This Android ar game disorder takes place in future , a nuclear wars, it isa preferred action shooting game to this type game fans around the globe.

Five limited-time activities have been organized to celebrate the official launch of the game. A large range of rich rewards, such as characters, outfits and supplies, have been added. Wish you an unprecedented team shooter experience!

IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE All-new near-future locations, such as Ruins, Radar Stations, and Missile Silos have been built for war themed battles. As a soldier in this world, you can pledge your loyalty to three very different factions: Pale Knights, Ghost Puppets, and Cadaver Unit, with more to be revealed. Each member of the armed factions has his/her own exhaustive backstory for you to uncover. Good or evil, the choice is up to you!

UNIQUE CHARACTERS Scout, maneuver, defense, support...characters are classed into different roles, allowing for great freedom and diversity in team setup. They are not only differentiating between personality, appearance and back story, but even unique skill sets and weapon load outs types too. It’s up to you to control the tempo of a battle where the odds might be reversed at any limited-time.

UPGRADE IN BATTLE Gain EXP and credits from mercenary or player killing. With diversified choices, you can upgrade both the weapon and ability to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. Strengthen yourself from the landing point until you are ready to try and take control of the Missile Silo.

MULTI-MODE AVAILABLE ULF, Base Battle, Multi-Base Battle are 3 core game modes, with more to come. For the ULF map, you need to work with your teammates and establish a plan of action to occupy and secure the area’s missile silo. On the way to victory, every decision and bullet matters. While in Base Battle and Multi-base Battle, close combat happens and situations can be changed by second.

SEASON 0 KICKS OFF Season 0 is coming! Introducing a brand-new Season Ranking System and generous Season Pass rewards. Get ready to show your strength as you battle other players for the win!

SQUAD UP AND RULE THE FIELD Team up with teammates to compete against enemy groups. Go directly to the missile silo or level up safely to take down bases one by one? It is all up to strategical cooperation with your teammates! Think on your feet, find alternative attack strategies and adapt your lineup is with the same importance to grab victory.

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app Name:Android Disorder Game
apk size:76 MB
Game version: v1.13
last updated: March 17, 2020
supported Android: 5.0 and up
Game Price:free
Developer: ---

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Download Disorder apk file from the link provided, proceed to your default download folder on your android device. Locate where your apk is downloaded; you may need to activate install files from resources other than gogle play store (install from unknown resources).

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latest version Disorder 1.3 Apk for android devices is here with direct download link for apk file

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